Start Executing Big Carbon CEOs

Last updated: 2022–08–03

The World’s Last Mass Extinction (as far as Humans are concerned) is entering its final, inevitable phase. If there is to be any hope whatsoever of preserving human “civilisation” [1], then the only way to get the attention of the ones guilty of these gross Crimes Against Humanity is to start executing them. This list should of course include CEOs of corporations manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction and US Generals and Admirals.

If your response to that statement is: “You don’t believe in Capital Punishment” then I would ask you about the other people who have already been executed for Crimes Against Humanity and whether you agreed or not with those decisions. I believe these CEOs etc are already responsible for the deaths of millions of people and pretty soon it will be billions . . and the responsibility does not end with CEOs - it includes every US president since WWII.

People executed for crimes against humanity

Noam Chomsky on War Crimes by U.S. Presidents Since World War II

[1] When asked:

“What do you think of Western Civilization?”

Mohandas Gandhi (apocryphally) replied:

“I think it would be a good idea.”



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